• $12.25 for a 24 oz jar


New York is famous for its delis. Piles of thinly sliced smoked meats. Chewy, yeasty bagels and bialys. Creamy egg salad and the best matzah ball soup. And of course, the pickles. We dream about those pickles. 

Brooklyn Brine's NYC Deli Pickles can throw down with the best. Their garlicky, dilly kirbys have an extra hint of sweetness from the apple cider vinegar that sets them apart from just any half-sour. That Shamus, he makes a great pickle.

tip of the tongue

We keep these standouts in our fridge 24/7. Because sometimes we need to eat a perfectly balanced pickle straight out of the jar at 10 p.m. in our pajamas. 

Organic cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, water, sea salt, organic and fairy traded cane sugar, organic garlic, natural spices (dill flowers, mustard seeds, coriander, cumin, caraway, black peppercorns, chile flakes).

  • vegan.
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