Fiery Spice Garlic Pickle Spears

Fiery Spice Garlic Pickle Spears


  • $10 for a 24 oz jar

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Mouth says...

Fire in the hole! These sizzling spicy pickle spears turn up the dial on dills. That said, the wallop of heat won’t catch you off balance, since SuckerPunch is committed to putting flavor first. That’s why they hand select only the crunchiest farm-fresh cucumbers, which they slice into thick and crunchy spears and brine with apple cider vinegar, a proprietary blend of 11 spices, and tiny Mexican chile de arbol (comparable to the serrano on the Scoville scale). The all-natural pickles also happen to be non-GMO and kosher-certified, with no added preservatives. Don’t they sound di-vine

Tip of the Tongue:

Not to call mac and cheese one-note, but you’d be amazed at what a little bit of pickle can do. Stir a bit of garlicky, spicy brine into the rich and cheesy bechamel sauce, to take elbows to the next level! 


Fresh Cucumber, Water, White Distilled Vinegar, Spices, Salt, Garlic, Dill Seed, Crushed Red Pepper, Dill Weed, Arbol Chile, Calcium Chloride

  • Vegan.


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