Handmade candies like taffy and toffee, lollipops and licorice, caramels and cute gummies galore. Kind of like Willy Wonka's factory but better, because everything in this collection is made in small batches by independent artisan makers from across the U.S. Oh, and only with the highest quality of ingredients, of course. Sweet!


We’re like kids in a handmade candy store. Willy Wonka ain’t got nuthin’ on these fancy organic candies and gourmet sweets. Seriously, we’ve gone on a sugar-fueled quest around the U.S., in search of unique treats from indie candy brands and small-batch candy makers. You’ll find real fruit and honey in our handmade hard candy. There are no artificial flavors and colors involved when it comes to the crafting of smooth chewies, artisanal gummies, and elegant pate de fruit. And our candy collections are the finest in the land — including everything from maple bacon lollipops to apple cider caramels. Talk about sweets for the sweet!