Organic Heirloom Pickled Blueberries

Organic Heirloom Pickled Blueberries


  • $16.50 for a 9 ounce jar

Mouth says...

These blueberries are swelling with tangy delicious flavor. These organic bluettes, all from the heirloom Stanley variety, are preserved in a mixture of organic cane sugar juice, white vinegar, and a proprietary blend of spices (believe us… we asked). When a blueberry is pickled, the little fruit literally swells as it takes on the sugar and vinegar through osmosis (thank you, sophomore year chemistry). They pop with a crisp burst on your tongue. What a welcome addition to the pickle family!

Watching the operations of Blue Hill, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Soltes family members are lifelong pro farmers. In reality, Harley and Susan – along with their kids Amelia and Wylie – took over the Skagit Valley’s oldest blueberry farm (founded in 1947) less than ten years ago. Every season, the four of them harvest 60,000 pounds of organic-certified berries with the help of 25 volunteers. Guess if you pick(led) that many berries, you’d look like a professional farmer too.

Tip of the Tongue:

Pickled blueberries pair more naturally with savory items. They’ll be a unique addition to any cheese board, duck platter or paté. Instead of pickled shallots atop a coconut-based Thai curry dish, swap in pickled blueberries.

On the flip side, if you want a savory-meets-sweet combination, try them as a topping for vanilla ice cream or a creamy yogurt.


Organic blueberries, organic evaporated cane juice, organic vinegar, water & organic spices.

  • Vegan.