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Brooklyn Brittle

At an age when the average kid may not know how to turn on the oven, Joanne Lomanto and Gemma Sartori were heading home after school to bake cookies – and not just any cookies. Already they liked to reinvent the classics and create new flavors. 

The childhood friends grew up and went off to work in the very grownup world of finance, but they remained friends and their love of baking never diminished, so in their free time, they baked treats for parties and events.

One day they went to hear two fellow Barnard College alumnae speak. Bari Norman (CEO of "Expert Admissions") and Stella Grizont (Managing Director at "Ladies Who Launch") gave a talk on women taking their ideas to new heights. Joanna and Gemma decided they needed to take the advice and inspiration seriously, and soon after the idea for Brooklyn Brittle was born: They'd create modern takes on traditional ingredients, making a brand new baked good sure to win the hearts, minds (and spending money) of children and adults everywhere. 

Here's to childhood dreams and wholesome treats!