• $11.50 for a 32 oz jar

Mouth says...

You know what they say: Two’s company, three’s a kraut! This zippy sauerkraut from family-run pickle makers McClure’s is made with just three ingredients: farm fresh cabbage, salt, and water. In a clear cut case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, McClure’s all-natural Sauerkraut is your secret fermented weapon to wake up whatever’s for dinner – briny, crunchy, tangy, and so tasty we’d eat it straight from the jar. And here’s the kicker: this phenomenal kraut is shelf-stable. No fridge space needed. Stock a few extras in your pantry so you’ll always have some on hand. Being out of sauerkraut is the wurst!

Tip of the tongue:

Don’t call it a condiment. McClure’s kraut is a multihyphenate. Reach for it to perk up some potato salad, raise the bar on your fried rice recipe, or add a sour snap to a sandwich. It’s perfect for stuffing pierogis, a terrific taco topping, and shines as a tangy counterpoint to a creamy bean soup.


Cabbage, Salt, Water