Sweet Fire Pickles

Sweet Fire Pickles


  • $14 EACH

Mouth says...

As Prohibition legend has it, Frankie Yale, a bootlegger and original employer of Al Capone, set up his Brooklyn pickle shop primarily to serve as a front for smuggling Canadian booze. Nearly a century later in the same locale, Frankie’s Fine Brine is still paying homage to the mobster by making hand-brined, liquor-soaked pickles. These cukes aren’t spiked with spirits, though—they’re spiked with both jalapeno and habanero heat. Think like a spicy, sassy cousin of the bread-and-butter pickle. Sweet at the onset, don’t be fooled—these guys are packin’.

Tip of the Tongue

These brined beauts bring a kick to any burger... oh, or a roast beef on rye! Of course, the sweet-spicy heat would have us simply eating them from the jar. We can't get enough of that surprising heat!


  • Vegan.