No Frills Dill Pickle Spears

No Frills Dill Pickle Spears


  • $12.50 for a 24 oz jar

Mouth says...

Let’s hear it for pickles that aren’t afraid to be themselves. When you start with Colorado-grown cucumbers that are cultivated by independent farmers, picked at their peak and hand-cut with care, you end up with a preservative-free ingredient list that can be counted on one hand. We’re talking water, vinegar, salt and dill seed, culminating in a pickle that is simple yet chic, like the perfect little black dress. Meaning, these dills go with just about anything, and appeal both to picky kids, or pickle purists who prefer unadulterated pickle flavor. They may be no frills, but we still think these spears are a pretty big dill. 

Tip of the Tongue

You know that friend who’s obsessed with real vanilla bean ice cream? We bet they’d appreciate a jar of these dills as part of an exquisitely purist giftbox, alongside other superbly pure products such as Red Fife Heritage Grain Crackers, Classic Grain Mustard, and Original Cheddar Cheese.


Cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, dill seed. Comes in a 24 oz jar. Refrigerate after opening.