Spicy Pickled Asparagus

Spicy Pickled Asparagus


  • $15 for a 16 oz jar

Mouth says...

Ahhh, Spring: the season of chirping birds, melting snow, blooming flowers...and asparagus. You've probably wished as often as we have that you could capture spring in a jar. Well, it turns out, you can.

With their "Asparagusto!" pickles, Pacific Pickleworks has taken the fresh deliciousness of asparagus and preserved it in a flavorful brine with a kick of jalapeño, garlic and other simple spices that enhances the asparagus' natural flavor and refreshing crunch. 

Whether you haven't found a form of asparagus that pleases you, or you're just looking for the next new way to eat your favorite veggie, or you just want a blast of springtime year round – pop open a jar of these spring-y spears. 

Tip of the Tongue

These slender spears would look mighty fine alongside a stuffed green olive atop your next Bloody Mary. Make sure to add a dash of Asparagusto juice, too!


Asparagus, water, distilled vinegar, jalapeño pepper, onion, garlic, salt, sugar, spices. Comes in a 16 fl oz jar.

Per 1-oz serving: 5 cal, 1 g carbs, 1 g sugar, 260 mg sodium