Cheesy Puff Trio


Cheesy Puff Trio
Cheesy Puff Trio


Our addiction to Fuller Foods' seriously cheesy corn puffs began the moment these super-size bags hit our tasting table. In Portland, Oregon – one of our favorite epicenters of indie makers and shakers! – they make the crunchiest little finger foods with 100% natural corn grits from Bob's Red Mill, antibiotic-free cheeses and freshly ground spice blends. Finally, a way to keep...doodling.

Which bag is the best? Asiago Black Pepper! No, definitely Blue Cheese Jalapeño... But how could we live without Sriracha Cheddar?

Luckily, you don't actually have to choose. All three are mind-blowing, so we've put together this mix-and-match trio of the only indie corn puffs out there.

As South Park's Eric Cartman would say: "Yeah, I want cheesy poofs!"

  • contains dairy.
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