Firecracker Caramelized Pecans

Firecracker Caramelized Pecans


  • $24.50 8 oz can
  • $11 4 oz can

Mouth says...

These chili-spiked candied pecans are nuts. An ideal harmony of sweet and heat, salty and buttery, these newly released, toasty little beauts have maximal flavor but with minimal ingredients – just pecans, sugar, oil, salt, and spice – thanks to Nutkrack’s proprietary blend of chili powders.  Following Chef Eric Rupert’s painstakingly perfected recipe, each small batch is made by hand in Madison, Wisconsin. They’re just spicy enough to keep you coming back for more. Plus, these preservative-free spicy pecans are a stellar source of protein, naturally gluten free, vegan, and high in fiber and vitamin E. Good thing to keep in mind when you promptly polish off the container.  (Pro tip: keep it for storage – you won’t want to toss that retro surfer catching a wave on a pecan!)

Tip of the tongue:

Try them with beets and blue cheese on a bed of spinach, toss them with roasted butternut squash, or crush them for pecan-crusted pork chops with some pep. Sweet more your style? Sprinkle them over pancakes with a slick of maple syrup, stir them into your oatmeal, or dream up the most delicious spicy pecan pie.


Pecans, Sugar, Spices, Canola Oil, Kosher Salt.