Poppy Popcorn Trio

Poppy Popcorn Trio


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Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

Let's get poppin'! Not to be corny, but this trio of popcorns from Poppy Handcrafted is just what every popcorn fiend needs in their life. Poppy (yes, the company is named after the founder!) is all about unique flavor combos and high-quality ingredients. Here, we've put together a flight of their most pop-ular flavors: dark chocolate and cherries (major game changer), dark chocolate and peanut butter (like tossing a bag of peanut M&Ms in your warm buttery popcorn) and salted caramel (you'll eat the whole bag in one sitting). Pop to it, people!


This gourmet cookies gift set is a great gift for people who love cookies and baked goods.


"I am obsessed with Poppy. I literally eat it by the bagful. And I love to give people something I know I’d want. Don’t ask me to choose which flavor is my favorite!!"—Dani, Design Team

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