Smart Cookies

Smart Cookies


  • $43.50 EACH
Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

When we set out to make these cookies, we just wanted them to be happy... we never dreamed they'd be the smartest cookies out there! They've gone off to win two sofi awards, respectively (aka the Academy Awards of the food world), and we couldn't be more proud. The Orange Pistachio Shortbread won the gold medal, the Triple Ginger cookies won Best New Cookie, and the Chocolate Sables, well, they're the middle child and didn't get any awards, but shh... they're our favorite. *pulls out phone to show you pictures*
This gourmet cookies gift set is a great gift for people who love cookies and baked goods.


"I’m kind of obsessed with our Mouth cookies, and I love to give people something I know I’d want. Just don’t ask me to choose which is my favorite." - Dani, Design Team

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