• $24 for a 750ml bottle


One sip of this cider and we’re instantly transported to fall and turtleneck sweaters and a day of apple picking. The apple (and what feels like a hint of pear) exhibits a softness, making this cider extremely easy to drink. (Maybe too easy!) It’s certainly a crowd-pleaser with its dry, refreshing, complex yet approachable qualities. 

Shacksbury uses a blend of foraged and orchard apples grown in Vermont. It’s made in the Pétillant Naturel style (or “Pet-Nat” for short) meaning that the fermentation finishes in the bottle. In this process, bubbles are made by the natural sugars and yeasts in the apples creating a beautiful lightly carbonated cider. It’s unfiltered and no sulfites are added, so you’ll notice some sediment in the bottle. All good.

Open a bottle for your guests while you are preparing dinner, but don’t forget to save a glass (or two!) for yourself. This outstanding cider can easily stand alone, but it’s also comfortable schmoozing with appetizers and nibbles.


Stunning with Blue Cheese! Add a little Hot Honey to take it to the next level. 

6.7% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

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