Malted Vanilla Hot Chocolate

Malted Vanilla Hot Chocolate


Mouth says...

Snow days held a lot more charm when we had Mom waiting for us inside the house with dry clothes and hot cocoa.

Enter Cocoa Santé: Two mothers with serious cred (six kids gets you that) who created wholesome hot cocoa mixes capable of warming hearts and tootsies in the time it takes to boil water.

The lily-gilding types could, of course, use milk, but thanks to Cocoa Santé’s shrewd addition of nonfat milk to meticulously sourced cocoa from cooperative farms in the Dominican Republic and South America, blizzard conditions and a bare fridge are no obstacle to a rich and creamy mug.

And speaking of foresight, these single-serve pouches can (and should) be stashed in purses or break rooms or desk drawers. All you have to do is whisk one into one cup of hot water and it's a snow day, all over again. 

And this malt and vanilla cup sort of reminds us of Ovaltine—another childhood favorite.

See? Moms always have our backs.

tip of the tongue

What the hell, let it snow! Enjoy with a handful of snow-white Milk Chocolate Covered Malt Balls.


Nonfat milk powder, organic cane sugar, malt extract, organic cocoa powder processed with alkali, natural vanilla flavor, dry sweet whey. Each 12 oz box contains 6 individually wrapped 2 oz servings.

  • Contains dairy.