Whiskey Wedge Glass

Whiskey Wedge Glass


  • $20 for 1 glass

Mouth says...

If Picasso drank whiskey, this would’ve been his whiskey glass of choice. With the help of a silicon mold, which fits snugly into the double-lined freezer-strength glass, ice freezes into a cubist dream: an ice wedge embedded right into the glass. Whiskey enthusiasts know that this large-format ice is ideal for sipping stronger cocktails, as the ice will melt slowly and dilute the drink less.

This stunning whiskey glass is the perfect way for Dad to drink his bourbon! Or gift it to your favorite home bartender to step up their presentation game.

Tip of the Tongue:

Pour a handcrafted Old Fashioned cocktail into this glass. It’ll be a unique mashup of a traditional cocktail with non-traditional glassware.


Includes 1 Glass + 1 Silicone Ice Form