Blood Orange Lemonade Cocktail Mixer

Blood Orange Lemonade Cocktail Mixer


  • $9 for an 8 oz bottle

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Mouth says...

Holding a bottle of this cocktail elixir up to the light, you’re immediately struck by the deep red color. That’s fresh, organic blood orange juice, and one sip will take you right to the warmth of the Sicilian sun. Blood orange is naturally sweet, so only a touch of organic cane sugar is added. And a little cold-pressed turmeric which gives it a mildly earthy quality to balance out the sweet. All that’s really missing is the booze. (Don’t worry it gives you the cocktail ratios on the bottle.)

Harkening back to a time “when real ingredients were the only option,” Simple Times’ all-natural ingredients are sourced and grown right in their home city of Columbus, OH (aka not Italy). Ditch the cloyingly sweet artificial mixers and drink concentrates, and mix up with something 100% natural and 100% delicious.

Tip of the Tongue:

The ratios are right on the bottle! Add gin to get under the gin-fluence. Or get tipsy with tequila. Or rage around rum. Or if you aren’t feeling like booze, stick to sparkling water… or even just plain water. It’s a vacation in a glass.


Blood Orange, lemon, organic cane sugar and cold-pressed turmeric


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