Bloody Mary Mix


Bloody Mary Mix
Bloody Mary Mix Bloody Mary Mix Bloody Mary Mix
  • $16 for a 32 oz jar

"You say tomato, we say 'particularly tasty Bloody Mary mix with pickle juice in it.'"


When indie picklers take what they've learned from preserving crisp cukes in brine, and turn it into inspiration for spicy Bloody Mary mix, the results can only be amazing.

Gordy's Pickle Jar of Washington DC took inspiration from some of their most successful pickles to upgrade our favorite brunch cocktail: A splash of their brine adds tang to bright tomatoes, fresh pressed cucumber and fresh garlic and dill with a splash of spicy cherry pepper that adds an incredible depth of spiciness to this mix. Just a little more garlic, dill and spicy cherry pepper bring us full circle to their Hot Chili Spears.

Thanks Sarah and Sheila! You've done it again. 

tip of the tongue

At first taste, we (almost) forgot about adding the booze! This is so good on its own, chilled, a little thick like a good gazpacho. Garnish any cocktails with one of their spicy spears, and keep stirring so you get the perfect tomato blast in every sip. If you're feeling extra hot, throw in a chili pepper for good measure.

Water, vinegar, tomato paste, cucumber water, cherry peppers, salt, garlic, pepper, dill. Comes in a 32 oz jar.

  • vegan.
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