Wild Horse Valley Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard 2013

Wild Horse Valley Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard 2013 Wild Horse Valley Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard 2013 Wild Horse Valley Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard 2013
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Chardonnay grapes have it good in California. They have it especially good just a stone’s throw from downtown Napa in a small but special AVA (American Viticultural Area) called Wild Horse Valley where they are treated to the cool breeze coming off San Pablo Bay as it rises up into the Vaca Mountains. Planted near Lake Heron, the vines thrive in extremely shallow volcanic soils rich with quartz, granite and feldspar.

The unique soil combined with the coastal climate results in a nervier Chardonnay – one that achieves that highly sought after expression of granting both mouth-filling body and invigorating acidity. A lively bouquet of citrus zest and orange blossom gives way to the rounder flavors of hazelnut and yellow plum all underlined by a mineral streak of white quartz. 

John Lockwood and Amy Seese, the hands (and palates) behind Enfield Wines, harvest from independent growers with unique vineyard sites and then work hard to retain the distinctive character of each. It’s like traveling to California without ever leaving your deck.

This wine’s easy-going enough to accompany everything from shrimp scampi to beer-can chicken, but it also holds its own for cocktail hour alongside a bowl of these sea salt-and-pepper pistachios.


13.3% alcohol by volume; comes in a 750 ml bottle; contains sulfites.

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