Cask + Smoke Whiskey


Cask + Smoke Whiskey
Cask + Smoke Whiskey Cask + Smoke Whiskey Cask + Smoke Whiskey Cask + Smoke Whiskey
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The name says it all: New Holland’s barley-based whiskey balances peat-smoked malt with an 18-month age in small American white oak barrels (or quarter-casks), which adds subtle notes of charred sugar and warm baking spice.

You might know this, but New Holland is also a brewery. They created this whiskey and a few other bottles in the Brewers’ Series to celebrate the flavors, colors, aromas and, well, awesomeness that a beer brewer’s mash can contribute to distillation. And they really know their barley. The gentle, malty richness of the smoked grain plays well with bold, fruity aromas.

tip of the tongue

Adding a splash of room-temperature filtered water to a glass of this Scotch-like whiskey will actually draw out and emphasize subtle flavors, rather than simply dilute the whiskey. The exact amount varies from drinker to drinker, and whiskey to whiskey, so add water just a tiny bit at a time and taste to find the perfect balance for you.

45% alcohol by volume. Comes in a 750ml bottle.

  • vegan.
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