Marañón Peru 76% Dark Chocolate Bar

Marañón Peru 76% Dark Chocolate Bar


  • $14 for a 2.1 oz bar
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Mouth says...

If you could turn dark chocolate into butter, it would taste like this. Mellow, creamy, with just-right acidity and a toasty walnut flavor.

For the longest time, the chocolate-making world thought the Nacional variety of cacao bean had been wiped out by disease. Thank goodness the trees were rediscovered in Peru’s Marañón river canyon! Their highly prized pods contain a notably high percentage of white beans – about 40%. This is unusual, as most cacao beans are a dark, purple-y hue.

The bar itself is not white, and the pure Nacional beans have nothing to do with white chocolate. Rather, our chocolate expert friends tell us that the white beans contain much fewer bitter compounds, making for a less acidic bar with a cocoa buttery smoothness we like to just melt on our tongues.

tip of the tongue

The awesome black-and-silver packaging with foil stamping was imagined by All Good, an indie creative studio here in NYC. They designed each package to be easily built by the hardworking hands at Fruition, and easily repackaged by Mouths who can resist temptation and save a bite or two for later.


Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar. Comes in a 2.12 oz bar.

NOTE: Made in a facility that also processes nuts and dairy.

  • Vegan.