Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy


Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy
Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candy
  • $10.50 for 30 pieces


Beautiful Oregon-grown cherries are hand-spun with real magic (we swear!) to create these flawless little pillows of candy.

They’re pale pink with flavors of fresh, sweet cherries and a hint of effervescence. Not sour at all, just perfectly sparkly – ideal for those that want a little fizz without all the crazy lip-puckering stuff.

Back in college, Wes Raley, founder of Raley’s Confectionary, set down his lab tech textbooks, hopped on his Harley and sped off to Tallahassee, Florida, only to discover his true calling: the art of rock candy! He learned the trade at a local candy shop he’d seen on TV, then eventually got good enough to open his own store. Now he makes all kinds of creative, inventive candies with organic sugar and natural flavors, all boasting gorgeously intricate and whimsical designs.

We haven’t met someone who doesn’t fall in love with these Oregon Cherry Sparkling Candies at first taste. Whether they’re a cruncher or like to let the candy melt in their Mouth, this elegant confection is everyone’s crush.


This crowd-pleasing candy makes a great host gift – suggest breaking them out after dinner as a nice alternative to the usual fare!

Sugar, glucose, cherry purée, natural flavor, citric acid, baking soda. 30 pieces per one 2.1 oz bag.

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