Apple Cider Caramels with Toasted Almonds

Apple Cider Caramels with Toasted Almonds


  • $7.50 for a 1.8 oz bag

Mouth says...

The family at Little Apple Treats crafts these gorgeous, gooey squares with juice they’ve hand-pressed from organic apples grown on their California orchards. Amazingly, these candies are actually...juicy. (When we first sampled these rich apple-infused caramels at one of our weekly tastings, the room went silent. Then everyone quickly reached for another. When this happens, we know we've stumbled upon something Mouth-worthy.) Each golden caramel is studded with toasted almonds, which brings out the flavor of the apples. It's like apple pie in a bag. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? These totally count.

tip of the tongue

Our Rx: Take at least one by mouth daily when you need a nostalgic pick-me-up. Refill as needed. Caution, these may become addictive.


"I have a major sweet tooth and the slight bite these caramels get from their apple cider base balances out the sweetness, so I can keep eating them until the (gorgeous) box is empty. Whoops!"—Kate, Purchasing


Ingredients: apple juice, organic sugar, organic brown sugar, unsalted butter, organic cream, organic almonds, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, spices, organic vanilla extract, organic dried Pink Pearl apples, vanilla sea salt

Produced in a facility that may contain traces of gluten.

  • Contains dairy.
  • Contains treenuts.