Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6)


Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6)
Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6) Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6) Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6) Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6) Garlic Spread & Marinade (No.6)
  • $14 for a 8.5 oz jar


Your heart and taste buds will thank you for bringing this antioxidant- and flavor-packed garlicky goodness into your life. And as long as everyone’s eating it (and trust us, it’s irresistible), you won’t knock anyone out by eating in their vicinity.

Brooklyn-based Einav Sharon and Jeff Silva founded filfil with the very noble goal of “adding yummy to life.” They are doing just that with two versions of filfil chuma, a garlic-based North African sauce perked up with vinegar, cayenne, paprika and other spices. No.6 is closer in texture to the authentic article—thicker and more paste-like. It’s perfect for marinating meat, stirring into sesame noodles, or spreading on a sandwich.

Something wrong, Mayo? You’re looking a little pale.


Tofu, the ultimate flavor sponge, takes to this marinade like a moth to a flame. Combine some No.6 with soy sauce, honey, fresh ginger and a spoonful of peanut butter and you’ve got an Asian fusion peanut sauce capable of turning an actual sponge into a delicious meal.  

Non-GMO garlic, non-GMO canola oil, vinegar, water, paprika, salt, Cayenne, spices. Comes in a 8.5 oz jar

  • vegan.
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