Tangy Barbecue Sauce

Tangy Barbecue Sauce


  • $12.50 EACH

Mouth says...

Sweet, smokey, rich… and a slight tang that hits the tongue at the last moment. It’s a description that captures the experience of this sumptuous sauce… and also a sip of a fine Kentucky bourbon. What explains this similarity? That answer lies in the craftsmanship of Matt Jamie, founder of Bourbon Barrel Foods. To make this mouthwatering sauce, he used several of his own bourbon barrel aged products: bourbon barrel aged pepper, bourbon barrel aged paprika and bourbon barrel aged Worcestershire sauce. To give balance to the complex flavor, real Kentucky sorghum is added. Oh, and lest we forget, there’s yet another Kentucky ingredient that can’t be missed… a shot of actual Kentucky bourbon.

Get your bourb-on!

Tip of the Tongue:

This drunken sauce can be liberally added to most anything from burgers to chicken to pork chops. And when we say liberally, we mean no less than a shot glass-full per serving.