Green Chili Sriracha

Green Chili Sriracha


  • $17 for a 6.4 ounce jar

Mouth says...

What happens when you take one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved hot sauces and turn it green? Well, when you are in Colorado (like Jojo is), fermenting local jalapeños, Anaheims and poblano peppers in small batches (like Jojo does) and heating and hand-pouring one jar of hot sauce at a time (like Jojo is), you end up creating one plucky competitor for that red rooster. Green sriracha. It’s a labor of love (and Jojo loves hard) not lost on us.

Sparing additions of garlic, sea salt, coconut palm sugar, and vinegar allow the medium, fruity heat of the green chiles – seeds, ribs, crown top and all – to come through loud and clear, on our tongues and in our sinuses. We could lap it straight from the cute little jar that’s hand-labeled and stamped with a unique batch number – but also spoon it onto everything we’ve previously squirted with Huy Fong Food’s version. Our morning eggs and avocado are a new hue.

Sometimes it is easy being green.


The fresh and verdant taste of this green sriracha iteration livens up a rotisserie chicken that’s seen juicier days. Toss blacks beans and chicken in the sriracha, tuck the lot into a corn tortilla, top with a quick purple cabbage slaw and dinner’s on the table in five.


Chili peppers, distilled vinegar*, garlic*, sea salt, palm sugar* (*organic)