Eat, Drink And Be indie: Tasty Recipes, Inspiring Maker Stories & Exclusives

  • PSA: Chocolate and Potato Chips Belong In Your Grilled Cheese

    A chocolate (yes, chocolate!) grilled cheese recipe!

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  • An Easy Grilled Cheese Recipe With Bacon and French Onion Confit

    Time to pig out!

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  • A Gift Guide For Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type

    The way to their heart, according to Myers-Briggs.

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  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Astrological Sign

    Sorry we're not sorry, Scorpio ;)

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  • A Gift Guide Based On What Hogwarts House They’re In

    We know just what your favorite Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin wants.

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  • 11 Reasons Why You Need A Pickles Subscription In Your Life

    Reason #1: Because pickles are dill-icious.

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  • No Men Allowed: 3 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women, from Women

    No matter what the media marketing to men wants you to believe, us ladies know diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. Food is.

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  • Punch Up Your Holiday Party with a Big Bowl of Vodka and Champs

    Because a big bowl of punch looks good, tastes good, and gets people toasted.

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  • Get Crunchy This Holiday Season and Hack Your Side Dishes with Granola

    The crunchy, gluten-free, healthy ingredient instantly improves everything.

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  • Make Cranberry Sauce With Maple Syrup And Never Go Back

    Way better than the canned stuff.

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