Aromatic Bitters

Aromatic Bitters


Mouth says...

These are the only aromatic bitters we keep in our bar.

Bold words, we know, but we don't think it gets much better than this complex, yet balanced mix of warm spices like cinnamon, star anise and cloves, floral rose hips, savory caraway and the balanced bitterness of shredded wormwood and calamus roots.

The whole concoction macerates for two weeks, then is filtered and sweetened with caramelized sugar. This is a modern take on a classic variety of bitters every bar needs.

Hella Bitter has many lofty goals, but here's the biggest: "We want people to understand how bitters work, and to use them regularly in their bars at home. You don't have to be a fancy bartender to do that." They love seeing the expression on people's faces when first tasting a drink made with bitters.

did you know

Hella is a Bay Area expression for 'really' or 'very' or, simply, 'good.' Hence, Hella Bitter is hella bitter.

tip of the tongue

We love adding a few dashes to a glass of seltzer for a refreshing aperitif. And, something magical happens when you drip some over vanilla ice cream, or into Grady's Cold Brew Coffee sweetened with a little simple syrup. Yes!


Water, alcohol, caramel, gentian, wormwood, roots, spices. Comes in a 1.7 oz and 5 oz bottle.