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Top Gifts for Administrative Professionals Day to Show Your Heartfelt Appreciation

April 24th is Administrative Professionals Day, which celebrates and sheds light on those people in the office that keep the whole place running. Last-minute travel arrangements to the convention in Las Vegas for the new COO? They got it—business class, booked. Out of toner and you need to send proofs to print? Check the auxiliary supplies closet, all perfectly labeled. Forgot the CEO is coming in for an afternoon meeting? Don’t worry—they already booked the board room and stocked up on the necessary bottles of Evian.

Every day, administrative professionals plan, organize, reporte, coordinate and calendar-ize for their team. Did you know there are more than 22 million administrative and office support professionals working in the U.S.? Every office depends on them, and in many cases, probably wouldn’t function without them.

So what do you get for this right-hand man or woman? Don’t worry—we’ve organized the complete list of gifts for administrative professionals. These gifts for employees are sure to boost company culture. And keep the Evian water flowing.

Employee Appreciation Gifts That'll Keep Them Well

Allergy season is in full swing. Bless them in advance with our Wellness in a Box. This is the ultimate #selfcare kit for that admin team member who always has the Advil on hand, runs to get the extra coffee when you look a little out of it and even manages the fire safety rules. Take care of them for a change with this employee appreciation gift that arrives complete with calming tea, relaxing digestive bitters, healing turmeric golden milk and even a hand-made candle. It’s also a perfect box to keep at the office for a moment of “treat yoself”, or to bring home and mellow out.

Gifts for Employees That'll Keep Them Energized

The most important gift for administrative professionals might be something that will keep the hangriness at bay. A hungry employee is not an efficient employee (or happy, either). Keep their tanks full with our Raise the Bars box. No, we don’t mean that bar (the one for happy hour). We’re talking about all-natural, high-energy bars filled with antioxidant-rich ingredients. It’ll keep those hard-working admin professionals... well, hard-working.

Gifts for Coworkers That'll Rejuvenate Them

Your admin team is made up of busy bodies. Give those bodies the break they need, right in the comfort of the office with an in-office spa treatment. No, we’re not telling you to call in the jacuzzi installer... It just takes a little planning.

First step: Pick a small conference room that you can set aside for the day. Dim the lights, and opt for candlelight. A spicy, herbaceous cannabis candle by Malin + Goetz or a sweet, floral fig candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio will not only lend light but atmosphere as well. Include a tray or station in the room, stocked with a choice of three calming tea blends from our Positivi-tea Box, will simultaneously soothe and revive their stressed-out minds. Don’t forget the honey and lemon.

Second step (and this will really blow them away): Call in the professionals from Zeel. We've used Zeel before right here in the Mouth office, and their massage therapists are pros. They actually travel directly to your office, and you can choose between treatments for the neck, back or arms in intervals of 5-20 minutes—in other words, it's highly customizable to any budget or time table. Experiencing an unexpected tense day? Zeel offers online booking for same-day massages. Be the office hero for your office heroes! A short spa treatment will finally get your admin professionals back into shape, physically and mentally.

Employee Appreciation Gifts That'll Lift Their Spirits

We know admins work hard. When you’re thinking about gifts for administrative professionals, just remember that they need a break from all that running around. Our Just Add Tequila cocktail kit is perfect for crafting artisanal margaritas in a flash with small-batch flavors. These incredible, small-batch mixers are ready for a next-level office happy hour. Better ingredients, less sugar, and sophisticated flavors—winning.

Is your office more 1960s Mad Men? Break out the rocks glasses and opt for our Just Add Whiskey box instead. Just make sure that unlike Don Draper you limit it to the end of the day... not throughout the day.

Our daily work lives can become busy with all the fires we’re putting out—from quickly trouble-shooting after the company website crashes to a last-minute customer satisfaction crisis—not to mention our regular work duties, after-work activities, and all the meetings, meetings upon meetings and meetings about the meetings. With all of this on your mind, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hubbub and slack on offering support to our admin colleagues. But it doesn’t have to be a chore—simply check out our entire Thank You gift collection or Wellness gift collection. A little appreciation can go a long way, and it’ll make them smile harder than when they see an empty inbox.

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