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This Tasty Thank You Box Speaks Louder Than Words

Saying “Thank you” is always appreciated.

But when someone invites you to dinner, hosts you for a weekend, lends a hand when you need it, exceeds expectations on a project, writes an awesome reference letter, helps you close a business deal or just does something all-around awesome to make your life better, you might want to show them how thankful you are. With our Tasty Thank You box, of course.

In it you’ll find five indie-fied tokens of appreciation (and deliciousness):

Potato Chips – The Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar served these crispy and addicting potato chips from day one – it was easily one of the most popular items on their menu. Now, they’re bagging ‘em. Trust us: They’re the best in all the land.

Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies – Their endless prayers for a tender, chewy, straight-from-Mom's-oven chocolate chip cookie have been answered. Once they get a taste never be able to eat another cookie again.

Sea Salt Pipcorn – This classic, movie-ready, sea salt popcorn is light and airy, sprinkled with a dash of olive oil and just a taste of sea salt to bring out the delicious, natural flavor. Plus, it's made from a special kind of corn, so when it's popped (always by hand and in small batches, in just a little olive oil), the mini-kernel shells break up into tiny pieces (which also makes it a great choice for a first date). 

Chocolate Popped Tart – When Meghan Ritchie introduced these retro treats at Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg, they quickly became a hot ticket. Each Megpie is totally homemade, and your lucky friend will immediately taste the difference between these and the machine-made stuff. We swoon over their buttery, flaky crust and to-die-for fillings, and they will, too. 

And who knows? Maybe the person receiving your gift will send you a box to thank you for your box, and then you can send them one back, and then they’ll send you one back… and then you’ll be in an endless loop of tasty thank yous.

You’re welcome.

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