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Are You Cooking With Potato Chips Yet?

If there’s a food more perfect than the potato chip, we’ve yet to find it. So why not apply their addictive qualities – crispy, crunchy, salty – to your dinner, right?  Oh yeah, you heard that correctly: We’re talking about cooking with potato chips, people.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we have to note that not all potato chips are created equal. That’s why we searched far and wide for something better than we could find in our corner deli. Ladies and gentlemen, you can return to your children and hang up your coats: The perfect potato chip for snacking on and cooking with are made by Billy Goat Chip Company in St. Louis, Missouri.

Billy Goat’s chips are what every chip wishes they could grow up to be. Idaho potatoes fried in Canola oil for exactly seven minutes, then lightly dusted with salt, onion and garlic powder, spices and the faintest bit of sugar. At Mouth HQ, you’ll find at least three open bags on the Snack Station (yes, we have one of those) at all times.

But this perfect potato chip has so much more to offer than superior snackablity – it’s also an essential kitchen ingredient.

Cooking with chips is like cooking with wine. You wouldn’t want to use something you wouldn’t enjoy sipping – or munching – on its own. The quality of each ingredient will only add to the quality of the finished dish, which is why we always find ourselves reaching for a bag of Billy Goat.

The possibilities of cooking with Billy Goat are endless: Swap out Panko bread crumbs and crumble crushed chips on top of mac and cheese, use between layers of cheese as a gratin or use on top of French onion soup in lieu of bread, use to crust fish and vegetables, mix in with chocolate chip cookies to add a salty crunch, add to clam chowder instead of cubed potato, layer into quiche. Is your Mouth watering, too?

Below, four kind-of recipes for incorporating potato chips into your next dinner, because we know what your heart desires:

Potato Chip Chicken Tenders
Think about it – you use bread crumbs to coat chicken tenders – why not up the ante and use potato chips, instead? The same basic rules apply: Dip tenders in egg wash, then coat in crumbled chips. (Just remember to adjust for salt when cooking – the chips have all the seasoning you need.) Place potato chip crusted tenders on a foil lined baking sheet and bake in a 400-degree oven for 20 minutes. Finger lickin’ good.

Grilled Prosciutto And Cheese
If you aren’t putting potato chips in your sandwiches yet, you have not lived. Get two pieces of bread. Butter them. Warm up a pan on the stove. Place buttered bread in warm pan and let it get toasty on one side. Flip. On one half, add shredded cheese (we like Everton for its sharpness and meltability), a few slices of prosciutto and enough potato chips to get a little pile going. Place the other slice of bread atop cheese/prosciutto/potato chip pile and smoosh. If you hear a little crunch, you’re doing it right. Cover pan with lid and let it get all melty. Serve alongside pickled string beans and a whole grain mustard, for dipping.

Potato Chip Cheese Balls
Here’s a quick cheese plate hack: Get a log of goat cheese and let it get to room temperature. Empty a bag of Billy Goat potato chips into a large bowl and crush the chips with your hands. Take a tablespoon of goat cheese, form it into a ball, and roll it in the crushed chips to coat. Stick a toothpick in it and serve alongside your finest sparkling – who says cheese balls aren’t fancy enough for bubbles?

Potato Chip Omelet
The French are masters of class, and if they have omelets for dinner, so shall we. Whip three eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk and stir in a handful of crushed Billy Goat potato chips. Pour egg mixture into a warmed, buttered pan. Using a wooden spoon, gently continue to pull eggs inward, until they set to a custardy texture. Fold over and slip onto a serving plate. Serve alongside a lightly dressed green salad and eat with the windows open, drinking a chilled glass of Pinot Gris while blasting Edith Piaf on Spotify.

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