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Subscription Highlight: Best Of Mouth Box

Every Friday here at Mouth HQ, the team gets together to taste and review potential new products. We’ve tried literally thousands and thousands of small-batch foods and spirits these past few years (yeah, it’s a tough job) and bring in only what we think is the very, very best.

We know it can be a little overwhelming (in a very good way) deciding what to try for yourself or give to a friend. So many jerkys! How to choose between all these insanely delicious popcorns? Which nut butter?

Our Best of Mouth monthly subscription box is the best of the best. (Although we do love all of our children equally.) It’s expertly curated with four or five of the most awesome products on the indie food scene we’re sure you’ll love – because we do.

A recent month included indie hits such as sriracha mayonnaise, popcorn tossed with nori seaweed and sesame seeds, crunchy pickled cauliflower florets, Vermont goat milk caramel pumped up with cold brew coffee and a PB&J chocolate bar you won’t want to share. Another month included rosemary and sea salt fried pork skins, chocolate-covered jalapeño corn nuts, our favorite whole Durum wheat pasta, vodka sauce and fancy bourbon smoked sea salt. Our Mouth’s only know what we’ll be obsessed with next!

Best of Mouth is an awesome gift for a real all-around food fan. Whether you send it for a birthday, anniversary or the holidays, they’ll be thanking you again and again (and again). Because you’re The Best.

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