Perfect for surf and turf snacking, this light and crisp popcorn has great seaweed flavor and isn't overly salty. —Tina Ujlaki, Executive Food Editor, Food & Wine Magazine


Pop Art tosses their organic popped corn with dried toasted seaweed (known as "nori" in Japanese), slow-roasted sesame seeds and just the right amount of salt and sugar for an incredible, nutty balance of all our favorite tastes. 

Mike and Vanessa Dobson have loved popcorn since they were kids (who hasn't?), but now they crave more adventurous flavors so they treat popcorn as the perfect blank canvas. Taking inspiration from the Pop Art movement, the duo is transforming ordinary American popcorn into an extraordinarily bold work of creative genius!

tip of the tongue

The perfect snack for all viewings of seafaring films (two favorites: "The Perfect Storm" and "The Little Mermaid"). 

Organic popped corn, GMO-free corn oil and/or expeller pressed GMO-free canola oil, sesame seeds, dried green seaweed, dried black seaweed, salt, sugar. Comes in a 5 oz bag.
NOTE: Produced in a facility that processes milk and tree nuts. Please note that this bag may contain unpopped kernels. Please chew carefully.

  • vegan.
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