Meyer Lemon Salt

Meyer Lemon Salt


Mouth says...

Yet another indie kitchen staple worth its salt! But this one’s got some zest. No, really – Farmer Freed out in California blends finely flaked Kosher salt with organic Meyer lemon zest, peeled fresh from citrus grown along the state’s central coast.

That awesome hit of lemon pucker brightens the palate even more when paired with the tang of good salt. It’s all ground fine enough that we like to use this as a cooking and finishing salt – just as easy to season a pasta sauce bubbling away on the stove as it is to sprinkle on plated fish or fresh veggies just before serving.

tip of the tongue

Maker and farmer Emily Freed suggests using this salt blend to line a cocktail glass (margaritas, anyone?), or to top a bowl of oatmeal. We’re thinking dried cranberries, fresh pomegranate seeds and a pat of butter would really make those morning oats shine.


Kosher salt, Certified Organic lemon zest. Comes in a 3.5 oz jar.

  • Vegan.