Cowboy Steak Rub

Cowboy Steak Rub


  • $12.50 for a 4.5 ounce tin

Mouth says...

Here’s the rub. This stunning tin may proclaim “steak rub,” but we use it for a lot more than just steak. Spicy, herbaceous and smoky, this artisan spice blend is made up of salt and black pepper boosted by garlic, cumin seed, dill seed and crushed red pepper. The texture of the rub is coarse, with salt still in chunky crystals and whole seeds.

SpiceWalla is outstanding in more ways than just the flavor and fragrance of its seasonings. All the ingredients for their premium spices are sourced directly from the highest quality suppliers, and they still produce everything small batch. Each canister is packaged by hand. And speaking of the canister, it is one of the most beautiful packages that has ever made its way into Mouth HQ.

Tip of the Tongue:

As mentioned, do not limit this spice rub to steak. Marinate your pork chops. Sprinkle on your fish fillets. Mix into ground lamb for a burger. If you’re grilling, this spice blend will take everything on your plate to the next level.


Black Pepper, Garlic, Paprika, Salt, Cumin, Fennel, Red Pepper