Eat, Drink And Be indie: Tasty Recipes, Inspiring Maker Stories & Exclusives

  • Lawless Jerky

    Matt Tolnick fought the law and the law won. His passion for jerky went back to his college days, when...

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  • Humble House Foods

    When it comes to your typical 20 year-old, most are interested in college parties, drinking, sports, dating… more drinking. But...

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  • J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

    The year is 1813. The fledgling United States of America is in the throes of a war to re-establish its...

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  • Bonnie's Jams

    For Bonnie Shershow, founder and namesake of Bonnie’s Jams, jam is comfort. One of her earliest memories is helping her...

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  • Green Mustache

    Most parents can relate to the dining table struggle. Trying to convince a picky eater to eat vegetables – or...

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  • Field Trip

    When you first spy a bag of Field Trip Jerky, you might just break out into a big childish grin....

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  • Simple Times Mixers

    Friday happy hour and you’re out with your coworkers. One of you orders a Moscow Mule, another a Manhattan, and...

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  • Spielman Bagels

    Portland isn’t exactly known for its bagels. Rick and Raf Spielman of Spielman Bagels are looking to change that. After...

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  • Askinosie Chocolate

    Shawn Askinosie was a criminal defense attorney in the city of Springfield, Missouri, and he was good at his job......

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  • The Matzo Project

    Passover is a miraculous time of year. Yes, for the careful observation of religious tradition, of course, but also for...

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