Black Pepper Bacon



If you like just a little kick to your bacon, here's a swift one. It's got tons of black peppercorn flavor, which really draws out the pork's natural sweetness. We go back for another strip, day and night, as it pairs just as well with egg-and-cheese sandwiches as it does with juicy burgers.

So where did this standout bacon come from? Ari Miller was once just a guy who liked to cure his own bacon. He spent ten years perfecting his homegrown recipe for friends and family, before seizing an opportunity to go big – and really bring home the bacon. He started out at his local farmer's market, but quickly expanded to supplying local specialty shops and even chefs.

The most important ingredient? Heritage pork. Ari works only with farmers and farming co-ops that raise heritage breeds of pork (primarily Berkshire) certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Association. 

tip of the tongue

This bacon is especially great for making those bacon cups filled with baked eggs that we're seeing more and more in our Instagram feeds. Just line lightly oiled muffin tins with just-cooked bacon (not too crispy!), crack an egg into the center of each and bake for 10-12 minutes in a 425 degree oven until the whites are set. #baconcups

  • $13 for an 8 oz package