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Shop By Diet: Healthy Goodies (Well, Healthy-ISH)

We know you want to get your snack on no matter what kind of eater you are, which is why we’ve put together a collection of some of our healthiest treats, so you can mindlessly munch, relatively guilt-free, at your desk, in the car, on a plane, in the shower (hey, who are we to judge) and everywhere else in between.

Reaching for that box of sugar cereal? Go for chocolate coffee granola instead. About to scarf the whole bag of Doritos? Switch things up and try salted crispy chickpeas instead Going on a road trip? Pack organic trail mix so you can ignore the powdered donuts at the rest stop. Movie night? Make it fancy with white truffle Pipcorn (which also happens to be low-ish in calories and fat). 

And, sure, “healthy” is all relative – what works for you might not work for the next Mouth. Whatever your diet, that’s your call – we think happiness is the definition of health, so however you get there is okay by us.

We did hear somewhere that “abs are made in the kitchen,” which is why we stay away from processed foods and ingredients we can’t pronounce. And exercise? We lift… if chips heavy with guac counts. 

What can we say? It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. 

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