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New York Family’s Indie Hot Cocoa Bar Picks

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Haberberg Photography

We’re in love with cocoa and so, apparently, is New York Family! To get in the holiday spirit, they made a Holiday DIY Cozy Hot Cocoa Bar and we’re thrilled they picked some of our Mouth-watering indie goodies to top off their brimming cups of chocolate!

“Celebrate the holidays in the sweetest way with a cozy DIY hot cocoa bar that’s as fun to set up as it is to enjoy! Scroll through the images below for ideas, inspiration, and great brands and products to kick start your winter’s day celebration.”

Because they know no cup of cocoa is complete without marshmallows, they suggest Mouth makers Dandies’ Vegan Marshmallows and Three Tarts’ Mini Vanilla Marshmallows. They also suggest grabbing a Raley’s Confectionary Indie Peppermint Stick to stir it all together, and some Malvi Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallow Cookies, because you can’t have cocoa without cookies.

Cuckoo for cocoa? Check out our Hot Chocolate Kit – it’s a perfect gift for the chocoholic in your life!

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