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Our 3rd Annual Gift Guide For Men With Mouths

To us, taste is genderless. That said, we can’t ignore the heaps of requests “What should I get him?!?!” So, behold our 3rd Annual, Stereotypical (but still kinda useful) Gift Guide For Men With Mouths


The Holiday Chef Kit – Know a guy who looks good in an apron? This awesome collection will get him cookin’. Fancy oils and vinegars for salads and roasted vegetables. A life-changing whole grain herb mustard for punching up deviled eggs. Giant flakes of sea salt from the coast of Oregon to sprinkle on… everything. Organic maple sugar for a favorite pie recipe. Solid beechwood spoons with hand-dipped neon handles gorgeous enough to go from kitchen to dining room and back. 

Surf + Turf In A Bag  He’ll flip for this exclusive combo of strip steaks and lobster tails from Greensbury Market, a luxurious feast for two. We know, we know, filet mignon is traditionally paired with lobster, but we like a little more fat (aka flavor) on our meat. 

Indie-gredients Every Month – Know a man who loves to spice things up? This monthly box features our most showstopping small-batch sauces, oils, vinegars, hot sauces, condiments and spices. A great option for enthusiastic home cooks whether he’s a top chef or just plays one on TV. 


The Gin + Tonic Kit – This awesome gift bag comes packed with a traditionally flavored gin (juniper dominant) and a botanical-forward, American-style gin. We also include Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup which uses traditional quinine for a cocktail that is slightly sweet, fragrant with lemongrass and only mildly bitter. Tomr's Tonic Syrup uses cinchona bark instead, giving it an earthier, root-ier flavor with a pronounced bitterness. And because we're all about getting creative, we've added our favorite secret ingredient: a bottle of Hella Bitter Citrus Bitters. Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Kings County Box Set – This wooden gift set features an etching of the distillery, which was actually the paymaster's office for the Navy Yard when it was running! Inside is Kings County's outstanding bourbon, moonshine, and chocolate whiskey, a peated bourbon and their seasonal spiced whiskey. Think inside the box!

Indie Whiskey Trio – Trust us: Making his way through the incredible world of American craft whiskey will be a total trip. So prepare him to be whiskey-d away by our all-inclusive, cross-country flight (of three winners) – totally first class. 


Snacks Every Month Subscription – A great choice for grazers, noshers and nibblers of all kinds – and a fantastic group gift for offices. Think: Black Truffle Popcorn, Korean BBQ Beef Jerky, Maple Bourbon Bread & Butter Pickles, Citrus Honey Roasted Cashews and a creamy Peanut Butter Nougat Chocolate Bar.

Jerky Every Month Subscription – An awesome gift for your favorite jerk. High in protein, low in calories and shockingly low in fat, jerky is a healthy, low-carb, go-to snack. And, having sampled (and debated!) everything out there, this subscription offers the absolute best we could get our meaty hands on.

Bourbon Every Month Subscription – Whether he’s sipping straight or mixing into their favorite cocktails, he’ll be totally inspired month after month by so much spirited passion and craft. Get his bourb-on!


Raise The Steaks Set – Know a guy who wouldn’t be caught dead with a dull knife? This juicy steak kit serves four different cuts of organic, grass-fed beef from Greensbury Market: filet mignon, ground beef, strip and flank steaks. To up the ante, we’ve added four incredible sauces for a range of tasty combinations. Happy holidays. Have a steak!

Bacon + Hot Dog Enamel Pins – Calling all carnivores, meat-lovers and breakfast fanatics… these new pins are totally hot and bacon us crazy!

Bacon Me Crazy Kit – Perfect for a swine and cheese party, this gift bag also makes a tasty, witty delivery for a man you want to send to pig heaven.


Bacon Pickles – Unbound Pickling has managed to infuse cucumbers with natural hickory smoke – yet no bacon is involved. So these are also awesome because those who don’t eat meat can still get their bacon fix without the guilt.

Peck of Pickles – Mouth will spear you the worry (and the tongue twisting) with this peck of delightfully vinegared, perfectly pickled cukes. You might not have given the gift of pickles before. Trust us, it will not go unnoticed.

Picklepalooza – Lifeless, flavorless pickles? Brine there, done that. We've put together a Picklepalooza lineup showcasing some of the finest indie sours to headline our tasting table, perfect for anyone who loves vinegar or vegetables (who doesn't?). Cucumbers are a given, but we also include a selection of pickled carrots and peas, asparagus, cocktail tomatoes. Don’t gherk around, people.

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