Peck of Pickles



We all know the tale of dear ol' Peter Piper. But did he ever pick more than just peppers? And where are those pecks he picked?

Mouth will spear you the worry (and the tongue twisting) with this peck* of delightfully vinegared, perfectly pickled cukes. Start with the bread and butter of pickling: maple bourbon-laced B+Bs! Any way you slice it, you'll love Gordy's signature sweet recipe, and a garlicky people-pleaser from Rick's Picks. Crunchy, Old Bay-spiced pickles will transport you to a hot day by the mid-Atlantic shore. Ah, and we found the peppers: fiery habaneros mingle with punchy horseradish in a jar of Mouth-exclusive spears!

Quite a dill.

*1 US peck is actually equal to about 2 gallons! This tote is a little less than half a peck, in case you were wondering (we were definitely wondering).

  • $80.50 EACH