Organic Rosemary Lavender Bitters



Lavender flowers, rosemary, angelica root and lemon peel infuse this organic bitters with a beautiful floral and herbal flavor that provides balance to the bitterness.

They're made by the team at Wigle Whiskey, the first distillery to make whiskey in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since before Prohibition. Until then, Western Pennsylvania was the heart of America's whiskey making industry. While we can't yet carry their whiskeys and other inventive spirits, they also make certified organic bitters using their own small batch wheat whiskey for the base.

If you're into making cocktails at home like us, you know one flavor of bitters just isn't enough! Whether to spice up classic recipes or to create your own new concoctions, inventive bitters are a must to round out any bar.

But they're not just for cocktails! We love to add a drop or two of bitters to seltzer for a refreshing, healthful cooler. Adding a few drops right before serving can set off the flavors of stews and sauces, as well.

tip of the tongue

We love a dash of this bitter to set off a Martini, especially when we're using vodka instead of gin. Also makes a great gift for fans of cocktail history or anyone with an extensive home bar. 

  • $28.25 for a 3.4 oz bottle