Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks


Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks
Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks Raw Wildflower Honey Sticks
  • $6 for 10 sticks


“What does that mug on your desk say? World’s Best Boss? Well, then you deserve the world’s best stuff to fill it up.”


Fly, bee free! Bee Local's happy honeybees roam freely around their Pacific Northwest neighborhoods, picking up a little pollen here, a little pollen there. Each batch has a unique flavor, texture and complexity. Here's what they do have in common: They're never treated, adulterated or micro-filtered. So what you get is healthy, pollen-rich and flavorful honey.

We were instantly obsessed with these bright, light, portable honey sticks as soon as we saw them. Who wouldn’t want to slurp golden, sticky honey through a straw?!

Just bite or pinch one end and squeeze to open.

tip of the tongue

Stash a few sticks in a desk drawer to drizzle into afternoon tea. Keep one handy at all times in case, like us, you find yourself hours away from a meal but in desperate need of a little sweet energy. Kids love ’em too, so they’re great for (ahem) mood emergencies!

Raw, unfiltered honey. Each 50g box contains 10 honey sticks.

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