Happy Everything!

Happy Everything!


Includes our signature cotton tote

Mouth says...

Happy, indeed! Happy, because this box is packed with some of our absolute favorite discoveries of the year....and maybe even the decade. The crispiest candied pecans, the ginger-iest cookies, the most addictive cheesy popcorn...and literally the best potato chips you will ever, ever taste (and believe us, we've tasted our fair share). Happy, because you have sooooo many people in your life you're happy about - friends, family, clients, a great team, a delightful neighbor, a kind teacher...and the list goes on. Happy, because what greater way to wish someone well than this box of deliciousness. So don't delay. C'mon. Make someone happy. 

Your experience is important to us! We always aim to send out the freshest possible small-batch goodies. Occasionally, we’ll need to ship something slightly different than what you see listed here, but we promise it will be equally as delicious!