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These Cookies Taste Like They Were Made By Your Fairy Grandmother

Crunchy, chocolate-y and juuussst sweet enough, these little treats combine everything we love about granola and everything we love about chocolate chip cookies.

Yes, we find ourselves snacking on granola anytime, anywhere, but we have to admit it gets a little messy. The solution to our fix? Apple + Chocolate Chip Granola Cookies made by Little Apple Granola in Sebastopol, California!

Here, dried apples take a backseat to the layered crunch of oats and quinoa flakes, plus hand-chopped organic chocolate from TCHO – hooray for Mouth maker collaborations!

The backstory: In 1999, Dan Lehrer and Joanne Krueger needed a change. They had been operating Flatland Flower Farm, a small plant nursery, out of their backyard in Berkeley, California, but city life and city space were limiting. A charming little house in the middle of 22 acres of apple orchard in the hills west of Sebastopol became the bigger backyard for a growing business. 

The husband and wife team now creates fresh value-added products from heirloom apples growing in this certified organic orchard. Their pressed juice and dried apple bits are combined with other locally grown ingredients to craft sweet granolas (like their totally addicting Apple Granola) and sticky Apple Cider Caramels, among other treats.

These cookies are the apple of our eye. Big plus: They’re small enough that we can eat quite a few without feeling guilty (admittedly, we're not big on guilt), and we also love that the ingredient list reads like a recipe you'd make at home. They really do taste homemade, in the best possible way.  

The bake sale is calling. We won’t tell.

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