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Real Simple Back To School Picks

“It seems like only yesterday that she…”

“I remember when he was just…”

We hear you. How can they already be heading off to college? Weren't you just watching them learn to ride a bike? (Cue soft music and backlit flashback). But there they go, your precious learners, into the unknown.

Well, you can't control if they'll have a friendly roommate or if they'll get into Sociology 101. But you can help avoid massive culinary disaster (have you been to a dorm cafeteria?).

Here’s a sampling of high-achieving supplies from our Back To School collection to send to your child, grandchild or favorite co-ed:

Dorm Munchies - Offset cafeteria food with indie potato chips, popcorn, cookies and other tasty snacks. It's enough to appease even the crankiest new roommate! 

The Freshman 15 - This gift bag is loaded with 15 reasonably healthy, outrageously delicious goodies. By the way, 15 is apparently a myth! The average university student only gains about three pounds. Munch on!

The Cram Session - Get them through midterms with this calculated combo:

1. Caffeinate (with life-changing cold brew coffee).

2. Procrastinate (snacking on reasonable treats like indie popcorn and small-batch cookies).

3. Proteinate: (with low-carb turkey jerky and amazing peanut butter).

4. Concentrate (tutors not included).

The Real Simple Midnight Snacker - Even the most conscientious students can end up pulling an all-nighter. In the dark hours, they’ll be thanking you for this gift bag of goodies – addictive cheesy puffs, steak jerky (protein!), the best potato chips they’ve ever tried and “Dreams Come Chew” fruit candies (think: Starbursts made from natural ingredients). Because, well, won’t all their dreams come true?

The Real Simple Java Junkie - Give them a jolting hand with this collection of high-quality coffee beans from indie American roasters, paired with some of the best espresso-laced goodies, like energy bars, cookies, caramel sauce, popcorn and chocolate. And don’t forget, as we like to say: Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation. 

Snacks Every Month - Hello and welcome to Snackology 101! This is the care package that’ll get you extra credit: A monthly box of indie snacks delivered straight to their door – interesting popcorn, all-natural beef jerky, crazy-good chocolate, energy bars, bite-sized pickles, and heaps of other small-batch goodies. You’ll definitely get an A+ for this one. It’s majorly awesome.

You can bring any of these care packages along with you when you're dropping them off. Or surprise them with a box in the mail. Imagine them snacking, studying and thinking of you.

Cue soft music again.

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