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NEW! S’mores Pie & Key Lime Pie From Butter & Scotch In Brooklyn

It’s pie time we brought you something new from our friends at Butter & Scotch… Yes, we’ve got homemade, small-batch, totally standout pies, in gooey S’mores and zesty Key Lime, just in time for your summer celebrations!

It all started back in the summer of ’14 with a Mouth Team field trip to a new bakery-slash-bar in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Self-proclaimed “drunk bakers” Allison Kave and Keavy Landreth – our favorite makers of cocktail-inspired caramel corns – had finally opened their doors to churn out craft cocktails paired with even more boozy treats. One of us ordered the salted chocolate chip cookie with milk. Another opted for a slice of pink-frosted birthday cake, complete with rainbow sprinkles. Our resident vegan was even able to enjoy a mini vanilla cupcake or two.

But it was really the slice of s’mores pie that blew our Mouths away. Imagine it: A forkful of buttery graham cracker crust, thick milk chocolate ganache and the fluffiest marshmallow topping, bruléed to a toasty brown. All without having to build a campfire (let alone find a place in Brooklyn where you can build a campfire). We had to have s’more!

You know how we are: We then ate our way, slice by slice, through the entire list of pies (not kidding), till we got to Allison and Keavy’s indie ode to Floridian Key lime pie. The juice-infused custard is so creamy and light, with citrusy acidity. That same handmade graham cracker crust appears here, too, and it’s just the right rich, chewy foil for the sweetly sour custard. Here’s the sweetest part of all: We’ve ordered up a truckload of 10” pies to share our new obsession with you. Stock up now for any al fresco feast, evening cookout or Fourth of July picnic – just order by 10 am EST Wednesday (6/29) to get your pies by the weekend.

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