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Gifts For Mouths Who Aren’t Afraid Of Commitment

INDIE STATES OF AMERICA BOX: For Mouths with wanderlust.
Each month, we highlight awesome indie products made in a different region of the United States, so they can take a culinary road trip across the great U.S. of A.

OBSESSIONS BOX: For Mouths who just can’t stop.
Each month’s box focuses on a particular subject about which we are fanatical, such as hot sauce, popcorn, jam, chips ‘n dips, cookies or cocktail mixers, among others. Go deep.

BEST OF MOUTH BOX: For Mouths who are discerning. 
Each Best of Mouth box is packed with the absolute best indie products to cross our team’s tasting table.

COCKTAIL HOUR BOX: For Mouths who love to spread cheer.
It's our favorite way to nosh! Savory and sweet spreads, heaps of crispy crackers, bowls of nuts, snacks and pickles. Then mix up a drink with small-batch cocktail syrup. Cheers!

COFFEE BOX: For Mouths who are caf-feinds.
This monthly box with two or three whole bean coffees is a great choice for insomniacs, "I am NOT a morning person" people and anyone who just can't get off the Struggle Bus without a cup (or two). 

COOKIE BOX: For Mouths with one hand in the cookie jar.
We’ll send loads of the very best crunchy, chewy, sweet cookies – .enough to have a cookie before bed every night, just like our CEO Craig did with his dad when he was growing up! Glass of milk not included. 

JERKY BOX: For Mouths who are total jerks.
An awesome gift for a dedicated carnivore. High in protein, low in calories and shockingly low in fat, jerky is a healthy, low-carb, go-to snack.

PICKLES BOX: For Mouths who are kind of a big dill.
Here’s the dill: We created this box for people who crave pickles and can't get enough of ‘em. They’ll receive our favorite sweet, spicy and smoky pickled cucumbers, from spears to slices to the whole cuke. We’ll also include something unique, such as pickled beets, cauliflower, okra or even pickled cherries.

SNACKS BOX: For Mouths who like to nosh.
Calling all snackers! Nosh on our favorite crunchy, crumbly, chewy, salty or sweet finds – a great choice for grazers and nibblers of all kinds. (And it also makes a fantastic gift for offices…) 

INDIE-GREDIENTS BOX: For Mouths who are top chefs.
This box features show-stopping, hard to find, small-batch sauces, oils, vinegars, hot sauces, condiments and spices. A great option for enthusiastic home cooks whether they’re budding gourmands or condiment crazed!

CRAVINGS BOX: For Mouths with one in the oven.
This is an awesome gift for a mom-to-be (available for 3, 6, or the whole looooong 9 months) but also for anyone who just appreciates the greatness of a sweet and salty pairing.

BACON BOX: For Mouths who like to pig out.
This box includes Mouth-watering indie bacon and a something extra that’ll totally bacon them crazy, like bacon caramel corn, bacon chocolate, bacon lollipops and bacon jam. 

POPCORN BOX: For Mouths who are pop-ular.
A-maize-ing popcorns that’ll make their eyes, in flavors ranging from savory to sweet, like white truffle, white cheddar jalapeno and caramel apple. Always a pop-ular gift.

BOURBON BOX: For Mouths who get their bourb-on.
Whether they’re sipping straight or mixing into their favorite cocktails, they’ll be totally inspired month after month by these American-made craft spirits. Perfect for bourbon planners. 

WHISKEY BOX: For Mouths who set the bar high.
Each month, they’ll get to sample an amazing range of whiskey styles from our favorite indie distillers –from bourbon to rye to single malt. These inventive spirits will round out their cocktail cart and warm ‘em from the inside.

VODKA BOX: For Mouths who are super smooth.
In this inspired vodka tour, the styles will alternate each month – a classic, unflavored vodka, then a vodka that’s infused with fruit, herbs or other botanicals.

GIN BOX: For Mouths who keep their gin up.
Gin was ori-gin-ally invented by the Dutch more than 400 years ago, then reinvented by a passionate group of new U.S. distillers in the last decade. The lucky recipient will be blown away by the diversity of flavor. Gin-tastic.

WINE BOX: For Mouths who wine a lot.
Every month, we’ll send one or two bottles of red and white wine. Many will be organic or biodynamic, some will simply elevate their Tuesday-night takeout. All will be just another reason they’ll be thanking you again and again. 

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