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These 2 Craft Ciders From Shacksbury Come In Cans, And We're In Love

We've been having a hard time drinking anything other than these cans of cider. (Who needs water?) And now that it’s officially Cider Week, come 5 o’clock the hiss of cider cans being cracked open fills Mouth HQ like sweet, sweet music. 

Both ciders come from Shacksbury Cider, based in Shoreham, Vermont. (So much leaf-peeping FOMO happening right now.) David Dolginow and Colin Davis, founders of Shacksbury, are on a mission to revive the cider scene (which was America’s first buzz, after all) by making cider the old-school way. They use “lost” apples – aka, apples from super old tree varietals – which they supplement with fruit from a few orchards in Spain and England.

The result isn’t just a super authentic, white-wig-and-wood-teeth kind of cider – the ancient apple strains they use provide structure, earthiness and complexity, while also giving the classic, juicy apple character that makes their ciders so refreshing and drinkable. 

Both ciders are pressed in the fall, when flavors (which border on spicy, nutty and earthy) are at their peak, making these year-round beverages the apple of our eye.

Here are the two we’re drinking right now (literally, now):

Semi-Dry Cider

With a rounded apple flavor that’s not too dry, and not too sweet, but juuuust right, Shacksbury’s Semi-Dry Cider would even win over Goldilocks. 

Artisanal cider is processed and fermented much like wine, and usually comes in wine-sized bottles that are great for cider lovers, but perhaps a bit daunting to cider newbies (cider-bies?). This smaller format is an ideal introduction.

And at only 6.5% alcohol, you can drink it alone or – even better – with anything you’ve got on your Thanksgiving table.

Dry Cider

No longer do glass-prohibited outdoor venues mean settling for cans of flavorless big house brews. We craft beverage fans have our pick of killer aluminum-clad beers, and now canned ciders are catching on too. 

This one conjures a bushel of (bone-dry) apples plus a walk in the orchard, and goes down mighty easy with everything from a cold weather roast to a summer picnic grill out. It also does just fine flying solo. 

Also, can we just talk about how drop-dead gorgeous those cans are? If we had bigger kitchens, we’d line the walls with ‘em. That minimalist, sharp design speaks to us.

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