Willoughby Cows Milk Cheese

Willoughby Cows Milk Cheese


  • $16 for an 8 oz wheel

Mouth says...

Intimidated by strong, smelly cheeses? Stinky yet also sweet and floral, this round just may convert you. We adore this washed-rind cows milk cheese for a Mouth-ful of reasons, but mostly because it’s just not over-the-top. Consider it a gateway washed rind cheese. 

Andy and Mateo Kehler wanted to find meaningful work (dairy farming) in a place they love (Greensboro, Vermont), which is why they started Jasper Hill Farm. The pastures are grazing grounds for Ayrshire cows, and perhaps more noteworthy is the 22,000 square-foot facility with underground aging cellars, the first of its kind in the U.S. Jasper Hill uses that space to mature and care for unripened cheeses from other artisan makers. They’re dedicated to preserving our nation's cheesy heritage and to producing some of the world's most delicious cheeses.

tip of the tongue

A perfect match for raw wildflower honey, like the one from Trubee or Sola Bee.


Pasteurized Cows' Milk, Rennet, Cultures, Salt. CONTAINS: Milk. 8oz